Regional cuisine

Regional, seasonal

Regional, seasonal – these are the key points of our philosophy. In addition to quality, we attach great importance to our environment and culture. Sustainability, to protect the environment is another important aspect of our business. We also cover the health aspect with the careful selection of the raw materials of our dishes.

„Kulinarisches ERBE“ (en.: Culinary HERITAGE): For the use of products from the surrounding regions or from Austria’s gourmet regions, we were awarded by the AMA Gastrosiegel. At least 80% of our goods come from Austria!

From our offer

Veal lihgts,  roasted black pudding, bear pan „Bärenpfandl“, beef fillet from Petzenkirchen, pike-perch fillet, stuffed chicken breast, lamb crown, organic pork, beef specialties from the Mostviertler country pride farmers, trout & char from Goldbergquelle fish farm Mayer, sheep cheese from Petzenkirchen.

Vitality: daily different vegetable and fish dishes

Main courses from € 8,00 – € 30,00

On request we can prepare smaller portions from our dishes.

Our suppliers

  • potatoes, fruits, vegetables & salad depending on the season from the farmers in our area supplied by Fa. Kuttner
  • free-range eggs from various farmers in Bergland
  • bread from Haubi’s & Weinberger
  • Bauernbrot & Nussbrot Reiter Krottenthal
  • fish from Mostviertel
  • calf & fawn from the organic farm Bicker, Wohlfahrtsbrunn
  • flour Taubinger’s Erlauf Gold
  • dairy products from NÖM
  • poppy seed from the Waldviertler Mohnhof Greßl
  • free-range beef Landstolzfleisch Fleischhanderl Ybbs
  • sheep cheese Richter farm, Petzenkirchen
  • bacon, smoked meat & potatoes Gföller farm, Annatsberg
  • juices from Brandhof Wieselburg
  • cider from differentfarmers from Bergland
  • venison from our hunters in the area
  • various organic products and cheese from Bio Lutz Gumprechtsfelden
  • wheat beer from the Hölzl Bräu Wieselburg
  • cornelian cherry products from Gatterer from Obergrafendorf
  • homemade elder specialities
  • homemade jam
  • pumpkin seed oil from Wurzel Bodendorf
  • asparagus and berries from Lehner Haag

From our recipes: baked apple dumplings with cider foam

Apple dumplings

¼ white wine | 4 cl rum | ½ teaspoon cinnamon | 100 g granulated sugar | 300 g apple, peeled, diced | 1 bread-roll (60 g) diced | 120 g brioche-baked or brioche-bread, diced | 50 g walnuts, grated | ½ l rapseedoil

Simmer white wine, rum, cinnamon, granulated sugar, apples for 3 minutes, then mix the diced bread-roll, diced brioche and nuts. Form dumpling of about 5 cm diameter, put it in a cold place for a short time, then bread it and bake it in the hot rapseedoil.

Cider foam

1/8 cider from Mostviertel      |      1 egg yolk      |      50 g granulated sugar

Serve with the cider foam – for which you mix these ingredients and whip it afterwards over steam.

Our awards

1st place climate protection prize 2005, Category Gastronomy

Federal Minister Josef Pröll awarded our company the “Eco-label” for environmentally friendly corporate management in 2005.